As a qualified, registered and TGA accredited Naturopath our clinic practitioner focuses on resolving the cause of disease rather than treating its symptoms, we use evidence-based research in the field of natural medicine, herbs, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle along with functional pathology testing.

Having spent 20+ years as a Chief Financial Officer, Business Manager, Company Director and consultant for various companies, non-profit organisations and trusts an undiagnosed, life threatening illness in my son (at birth) was the catalyst for a change in career. 

The arbitrary focus on suppressing symptoms rather than finding and treating the cause of his illness fostered a passion for clinically relevant, evidence-based research in natural medicine and the human genome.

Getting few answers and even less help from conventional medicine over the first 12 months of his life took my family on a journey to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialist in Orlando, Florida. This was followed by a stay at a dedicated ‘live-in’ treatment clinic in Adelaide under the care of a paediatric therapy team including paediatric dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and an integrative paediatrician.

For me, this insight and newly found interest in natural treatment and disease prevention prompted a return to study at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. Finishing a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy saw the cultivation and birth of Elemental Life where our aim is to help you achieve your optimal health via treatment and education.